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MARCH 2012
Top strategies to reduce your workers comp premium

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With most policy renewals coming up on 30th June here are some top tips to decrease your workers compensation premiums coming up to renewal:

1. Manage and review your claims closely. Make sure that you have at least one claims review booked in with your agent by early May. Request claims reports from your agent so that you can monitor the claims costs and ensure that you are aware of any large increases.

2. Provide suitable duties, having an employee unfit for work is what will drive the cost of the claim up and also impact your premium for the next 3 years.

3. Ensure claims as closed ASAP. Having claims open unnecessarily at renewal will add cost to your premium. Provide your agent with all documentation as soon as possible so that they can process payments to ensure quick closure of claims.

4. Communicate with everyone involved to ensure that everyone is in agreement with the strategy for each claim. Return to work is more likely to be successful if the worker is involved in the process.

5. Get to case conferences to ensure that the Nominated Treating Doctor is aware of the type of tasks and suitable duties that you can offer.

6. Ensuring you have suitable duties available for your injured workers is not only better for the employee it will also bring down the cost of the claim and therefore your premium.

7. The best way to decrease your workers compensation costs is by providing a safe work environment and to minimise injuries to your staff.

If you have any questions about this please feel free to call Susie Butchart on (02) 9037 0415

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